Case Study

Case Study 1

  • Tool: Planning of new road alignment
  • Case: Planning of proposed South Gujarat alignment (Part of Coastal Corridor)
  • Background: The 300 km south coastal corridor is part of the proposed 1630 km costal corridor of the Government of Gujarat from Umargam in the South Gujarat to Narayan Sarovar in the Kachchh District.
    This South Gujarat alignment covers 4 districts i.e Bharuch, Surat, Navsari & Valsad and covers important tourist places like Dandi, Ubharat and Tithal.
  • Department: Roads & Building Department
  • Criteria: Site shortlisting based on GO and NO-GO criteria such as Eco Sensitive Zones, Wetlands and need for providing connectivity to tourism and industrial places
  • Reduction in length of alignment due to integrated planning approach
  • Identification of number of clearances to be taken
  • Reduction in project cost

Case Study 2

  • Tool: Site suitability
  • Case: Site suitability for a new warehouse in Panchamahal
  • Need: New godowns to be developed in the State for the purpose of procurement, storage and distributing quantity of essential commodities to the fair price shops for the distribution of public distribution system
  • Department: Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department
  • Criteria: Site shortlisting based on GO and NO-GO criteria such as proximity to roads, utilities and geo-graphic features
  • Proper site selection as per requirement
  • Reduction in time and cost for identifying sites
  • Maximum utilisation of warehouses

Case Study 3

  • Tool: Planning of Mobile Towers
  • Case: Planning of Mobile Towers in Tribal District: Dahod
  • Background:To provide mobile connectivity in uncovered villages and strengthen the mobile connectivity where voice or data signal availability is weak.
  • Department: Science and Technology Department
  • Criteria: Gaps identified based on criteria such as habitation, terrain, population and existing coverage.
  • Ensures mobile coverage to maximum population with minimum towers
  • Faster implementation by ensuring availability of power
  • Optimizes capital cost