About GIDB

The Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board was set up to facilitate higher flow of funds in to infrastructure sectors, to promote the private sector participation and to ensure co-ordination among various Government agencies in the State of Gujarat. This is a unique organization of its type and is an over-arching body for infrastructure development in Gujarat, encompassing both hard as well as the soft infrastructure sectors. Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board itself does not develop infrastructure services but act as a catalyst for their development.

  • Overall planning.
  • Co-ordination between various sector specific departments.
  • Concession agreements which detail the risk allocation in a public private partnership.
  • Project preparation by conducting pre feasibility and feasibility studies through reputed consultants.
  • Selection of Developers through international competitive bidding and challenge route.
  • Monitoring progress of projects.
  • Building capacity of Human resources and organization in infrastructure sector compatible with international standard.
  • Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Systems
  • Roads, Bridges and By-passes
  • Ports (other than Major Ports) and Harbors thereof
  • Urban Transportation
  • Dams
  • Water Storage, Water Supply and Sewerage System
  • Irrigation
  • Land Reclamation
  • Industrial Estate including Industrial Parks
  • Tourism Projects
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Information Technology related Projects
  • Education
  • Health Facilities
  • Public Markets
  • Post Harvest Facilities
  • Inland Waterways other than National Waterways
  • Fisheries not beyond territorial Waters
  • Development of Minor Minerals
  • Gas and Gas works
  • To promote participation of a person in financing, construction, maintenance and operation of any project irrespective of its cost;
  • To advise the State Government, a government agency or a specified Government agency on matters of policy in respect of participation in Financing, Construction, maintenance and operation of any project;
  • To lay down priorities of projects to be undertaken by the state Government, a Government agency or a specified Government agency;
  • To consider the proposal for undertaking a project and the proposed concession agreement submitted to it and to recommend with or without modification or not recommend or return the proposal and proposed concession agreement for reconsideration of the state Government, the Government agency or as the case may be specified Government agency.
  • To elicit information relating to National and International Financial Institution and to ensure co-operation of such institutions;
  • To co-ordinate and monitor the project undertaken in the state.
  • To assist in developing concepts of projects by undertaking pre-feasibility studies of the projects;
  • To undertake such projects as may be entrusted to it by State Government;
  • To perform such other function as may be entrusted to it by the State Government.

Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) has been appointed as Apex Authority for the Special Investment Regions in the State of Gujarat under the Gujarat Special Investment Region Act - 2009

  • To make regulations for development, operation and regulations of Special Investment Region (s) (SIR).
  • To approve land use plan of SIR and its peripheral area.
  • To act as an Apex Authority under Gujarat Special Investment Region Act,2009 for the development of Special Investment Region (s) in the State and approve Development Plan, Town Planning Schemes and General Development Control Regulation with respect to Special Investment Region (s).
  • To approve projects with regard to economic activities, civic amenities and infrastructure facilities.
  • To approve infrastructure projects proposed by Regional Development Authority under Gujarat Infrastructure Development Act, 1999.
  • To approve user charges proposed by Regional Development Authorities.
  • To submit proposal to the State Government for development, operation and regulations of SIRs.
  • To give directives to Regional Development Authorities on the development of SIRs.

Gujarat was ranked the highest in the Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADS) index consecutively for the three times and also ranked in the “Achiever” category in LEADS 2022 index. The index aims at enhancing the focus on improving logistics performance across states which is essential for improving the country's trade and reducing transactions cost.

Logistics has played a key role in maintaining and propelling this growth. Endowed with a 1,600 kms long coastline with 1 major and 48 non-major ports, Gujarat handles 39% of the country’s cargo amounting to over 553 million metric tons in FY 2022-23. The port led development has transformed areas such as Kutch and South Gujarat into industrial hubs and has provided employment to many. Gujarat also has a wide network of roads which provides connectivity till the last mile. In addition, several futuristic and game changing infrastructure development projects have already been envisaged; few of them are such as Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC), SIRs, Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway, Development of Port and Rail Connectivity Projects etc.

To strengthen and maintain its position, GIDB has prepared Gujarat Integrated Logistics and Logistics Park Policy 2021 and was launched on 17th July, 2021 vide Government Resolution No. GIDB - Gujarat Integrated Logistics and Logistics Park Policy 2021 to boost logistics sector in the state. The Process of granting incentives under the Policy is being undertaken by the office of Industries Commissioner, while iNDEXTb promotes the Policy and its incentives to industry stakeholders and project development/ implementation is to be undertaken by Gujarat Ports and Logistics Company Ltd.

The State Government has set up 3 Committees to coordinate with various stakeholders to support development/ enhancement/ upgradation of logistics facilities in conjunction with the State Logistics Master plan vide Government Resolution No. IDB/ 102021 /301939/I-1 dated 17th July, 2021 as below:

  • State Logistics Coordination Committee
  • State Logistics Cell and
  • City Logistics Co-ordination Committee

Under City Logistics Co-ordination Committee, 08 committees for 08 Municipal Corporations have been set up. GIDB has initiated the preparation of City Logistics Master Plans of 8 Municipal Corporations and State Integrated Logistics Master Plan for Gujarat.

The State Govt. through GIDB & G-RIDE has finalized the master plan for the Gujarat rail network. The Master Plan has identified 30 priority projects for detailed assessment. These projects pertain to following categories:

Freight Consolidation Hubs; Port Connectivity; Semi High Speed Rail Corridors; Unserved District Connectivity; Regional Rail Transit System; Urban Mass Transit/Metro Rail; Tourist Centre Connectivity

The Island Development Authority has been constituted in the State under the Chairmanship of Hon. Chief Minister in August 2019 for regulated development of the islands in Gujarat, where in CEO, GIDB is the Convener/ Member Secretary. Island Development Authority is being tasked with the identification and mapping of islands along Gujarat’s coastline and exploring the development potential of islands in the state of Gujarat. There are a total of 144 Islands in the state out of which 13 islands are identified for Holistic development. The Islands of Bet Dwarka, Pirotan, and Shiyal Savai are taken up in Phase 1 for Holistic development

Sr. No Nodal Departments Islands/Project Tasks
1 Forest and Environment Department Pirotan Island Preparation of Master Plan
2 Tourism Department Bet Dwarka
3 Tourism Department ShiyalSavai Bet
4 Directorate of Employment & Training Marine Skill Training Centre at ITI campus, Dwarka Skill Demand Assessment Survey and Detailed Project Report

Hon'ble Prime Minister, during the launch of PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan Initiative on 13th October, 2021, proposed states to take the lead in preparing integrated infrastructure master plan in a coordinated way in order to reap the most benefits in terms of jobs and growth. He also advised states to use modern technology and the most up-todate IT tools to manage infrastructure project planning.

The key objective of PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan Initiative is to ensure interdepartmental coordination and planning, synchronisation and prioritisation of Infrastructure, improving ease of doing business and reducing the overall logistics cost.

Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) was appointed by the State Government as the Nodal Agency for implementing Gati Shakti Gujarat- Integrated Master Plan (GSG-IMP). Chief Executive Officer (CEO), GIDB as the Nodal Officer representing Gujarat in the matters relating to integration of GSG-IMP with GS-NMP

GIDB jointly with BISAG-N and nodal officers of the departments has undertaken integration of infrastructure information and data of 21 departments and 64 Board Agencies with PM Gati Shakti Gujarat – Integrated Master Plan Portal for streamlining the infrastructure development process and will also help in acceleration of investment along with improving Ease of Doing Business.

84 portals of the stakeholders have been developed by BISAG-N. Integration of 1100+ data layers of infrastructure assets related has been mapped PM Gati Shakti Gujarat – Integrated Master Plan.

Integration of promulgated government and private land records, Private Land Acquisition Module, Government Land Allotment Module, Revenue 7/12, 8A and Revenue Court cases with PM Gati Shakti Gujarat – Integrated Master Plan has been completed. Automation of 46 infrastructure related NOCs/ Permissions Applications and Approval processes of the State Government Department has been completed.

PM Gati Shakti Gujarat was launched by Hon’ble CM on 6 October 2022 wherein more than 1,000 participants joined. Also, more than 3100 officers of State Government have been trained for using PM Gati Shakti portal for planning projects and receiving/granting necessary NOCs/ permissions.

  • Formation of
    • Gati Shakti Gujarat Monitoring Committee Equivalent to Empowered Group of Secretaries (EGoS) chaired by Chief Secretary,
      • To review the integration, comprehensiveness, prioritization, optimisation and synchronization of application/ approval process and integrated project planning process of Stakeholders in PM Gati Shakti Gujarat;
      • For periodical review of projects monitored under Project Monitoring Group (PMG) projects of GOI in Gujarat for expediting resolution of issues and regulatory bottlenecks;
    • Gati Shakti Gujarat Planning Group (Equivalent to Network Planning Group (NPG)) chaired by CEO GIDB
      • For integrated planning of infrastructure projects, prepare Integrated Master Plan and investment ready shelf of infrastructure projects.
    • Gati Shakti Gujarat Coordination Cell (Equivalent to Technical Support Unit (TSU))
      • To develop protocols, guidelines, prepare road maps, coordinate for integration, develop data formats, meta-data requirements for seamless implementation of PM Gati Shakti Gujarat