Institutional framework - GIDB

To facilitate higher flow of funds into infrastructure sector and to ensure coordination among various government agencies, Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) was set up in 1995.Today, GIDB has the unique and challenging responsibility of putting Gujarat on the international map by way of proactive initiatives and bring private Sector Participation in the state.

This is a unique organisation of its type and is an over-arching body for infrastructure development in Gujarat, encompassing both the hard as well as the soft infrastructure sectors. GIDB itself does not develop infrastructure services but acts as a catalyst for their development.

GIDB focuses on:

  • Overall planning
  • Coordination between various sector specific departments.
  • Concession Agreements which detail the risk allocation in a public private partnership.
  • Project preparation by conducting pre feasibility and feasibility studies through reputed consultants.
  • Selection of Developers through international competitive bidding and Challenge Route.
  • Monitoring progress of projects
  • Building capacity of Human Resources and Organizations in infrastructure sectors compatible with international benchmarks.

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