Sr No. Sector Summary Status Project Name Dept/ Agency Estima-ted Cost (in Cr. Rs.) Unit/capacity Location State Struc-ture (BOO/ BOOT etc.) Mode of Award (ICB/ Domestic Tender/ Negotiated) Date of Bid Invitation Date of Award/ Likely award Likely date of comple-tion Govt. support (Equity,Grant, etc.) Name of Private Developer Period of Contract/ Concession Remarks if any. Source Updated on
1 IT & ITES Completed/ Operational CSC Egram Vgram socity     Gujarat Gujarat             IL&FS,Airtel,3i Infotech Ltd.,CMS Computer Ltd.,Reliance ADAG Group     GIL Dec -08
2 IT & ITES Completed/ Operational GSWAN GIL     Gujarat Gujarat BOT BOT         TCIL,GOL,WIPRO,BSNL,GNFC,Adino,Bharti Airtel ,Communica,UTL 8 years (Mar-01 to Dec-09) to be completed by 2009 GIL Dec -08
3 IT & ITES Completed/ Operational Srava Shiksha Abiyan GIL     Gujarat Gujarat   Tender         1. M/s Educomp 2. M/s Teledata 3. M/s Everon
3 years   GIL Dec -08
4 IT & ITES Completed/ Operational Stamp & registration GIL     Gujarat Gujarat   Tender         1.M/s Gujarat Infotech Ltd. 2.M/s Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. 3.M/s United Telecoms Ltd. 4.M/s Sanghavi Computers Centre Pvt. Ltd. 3 Years   GIL Dec -08
5 BIO-Tech Under Bidding Biotech Incubator at Vadodara Gujarat State Bio Technology Mission (GSBTM) 80   Vadodara Gujarat                   GIDB