Sr No. Sector Summary Status Project Name Dept/ Agency Estima-ted Cost (in Cr. Rs.) Unit/capacity Location State Struc-ture (BOO/ BOOT etc.) Mode of Award (ICB/ Domestic Tender/ Negotiated) Date of Bid Invitation Date of Award/ Likely award Likely date of comple-tion Govt. support (Equity,Grant, etc.) Name of Private Developer Period of Cont-ract/ Concession Remarks if any. Source Updated on
1 Railways Completed/ Operational Rail between Dahej and Bharuch by Bharuch Dahej Rail Co. Ltd GMB 395                           Mar-13
2 Railways Under Implementation Gandhidham- Palanpur Guage Conversion R&B Dept. / RVNL 499.95 132km   Gujarat Special Purpose Vehicle Negotiated - (1) Share-holders’ Agreement signed on 22.4.2004 (2) Concession Phase I- Sama-khiyall-Palanpur by March 2006 Equity- (1) Ministry of Railways – Rs. 100 Cr. (2) GoG Rs. 4 Crores (3) Kandla port trust 26%(4) Gujarat Adani Port Ltd. 20% Kutch Railway Company Ltd. 32 years.   GIDB Mar-13
3 Railways Under Implementation Surat Hazira Rail Road Project by Hazira Infrastructure Pvt Ltd GMB 762.3                           Mar-13