Sr No. Sector Summary Status Project Name Dept/ Agency Estima-ted Cost (in Cr. Rs.) Unit/capacity Location State Struc-ture (BOO/ BOOT etc.) Mode of Award (ICB/ Domestic Tender/ Negotiated) Date of Bid Invitation Date of Award/ Likely award Likely date of comple-tion Govt. support (Equity,Grant, etc.) Name of Private Developer Period of Cont-ract/ Concession Remarks if any. Source Updated on
1 Urban development Completed/ Operational AWSS surendernagar under UIDSSMT scheme GUDC     Surendranagar Augmentation Water Supply System Gujarat not in PPP               GUDC is an implementation agency.under UIDSSMT scheme amounting to Rs. 881.43 Lacs. The work is physically completed in all respect on 27-12-2007 and handed over to Surendranagar Nagarpalika. GUDCltd Mar-13
2 Urban development Under Implementation Bus Rapid Transit System for Ahmedabad AMC 1000     Gujarat   EPC 2006 2007 2008 Grant
M/s Roman Tavmat     GIDB Mar-13
3 Urban development Under Bidding 24X7 continous water supply project for Morbi Town Gujarat GUDC     Morbi Town, Dist. Rajkot, Guajarat Gujarat BOOT ICB in process in process NA yet to be decided IDFC under their III trust with feedback venture pvt. Ltd in process GUDC has implementedrehabilitation and development of Water Supply System. now GUDC intends toimplments continouswater supply in Morbi town on Public Private Partnership basis. For this purpose, GUDC has engaged Infrastructure Development Finance Co. Ltd.(IDFC) under their India Infrastructure Initiative (Triple –I Trust) with Feedback Ventures Private Ltd. for providing Project Preparation and Partner Selection Services.
Expression of Interest was floated by GUDC to invite the bidders for the purpose. 1o parties shortlisted on evaluation. finalisation of RFP to issue 10 shortlisted parties under progress
GUDCltd Mar-13
4 Urban development Under Bidding Municipal Energy Efficiency Project in 159 ULB GUDC 3 to 7 cr per ULB- approx 795   all 159 ULB Gujarat BOT ICB for pilot phase 31-07-10 for Piot phase LOI issued. For phase-2 likely to be awarded in2011 2017   DSCL Energy Services 7yrs the MOU was signed between DUDC and IL&FS Ecosmart ltd for TA as well as investment in energy saving programmes in state.
GUDC will get TA from energy conservation and commercialization III (Eco III)
EOI is called
RFP under preparation
GUDCltd Mar-13
5 Urban development Under Bidding MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT Project (MSWN) GUDC   80TDP all 159 ULB Gujarat DBOT ICB ######## liklely to be awarded 1n 2011 NA NA NA 20 GUDC is implementing this project in consultation with CRISIL. All ULDs are divided in 5 super cluster and 8 bidders have been shortlisted in RFQ prpvess GUDCltd Mar-13
6 Urban development Under Bidding Development of Multipurpose Stadium Complex at Kankaria, Ahmedabad Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited       Gujarat Under Direct Negotiation Route                 GIDB Mar-13