As an outcome of the IPTS study for Ahmedabad City initiated by Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) to identify the solutions for Urban Transport problem in the city, preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Regional Rail System for Ahmedabad was initiated by GIDB in 2003 through Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and RITES. The objective is to incentive the people to stay in satellite townships of Ahmedabad by ensuring that they reach their work places using an suburban rail bases transport system. The project will use the existing Right of way available of Indian Railways passing through the city by upgrading, modernising and integrating the existing railway facilities and will create its separate tracks and suburban train stations at 1.5-2 kms with operating frequency of one train every 10 minutes during the peak time. The existing railway assets proposed to be upgraded as Regional Rail System are on the following corridors :

Corridor 1 Barejadi – Ahmedabad Jn – Kalol Jn - 43.49 km Corridor 2 Ahmedabad Jn – Naroda - 9.47 km

The DPR was submitted by DMRC in October 2005. Discussions were initiated Ministry of Railways for the implementation of the project under Public Private Partnerships (PPP). As per the suggestion of the Railway Board, the DPR was revalidated and submitted by RITES in 2009. As per the decision of government, the feasibility of connecting more small towns with the Regional Rail System is under study. The extended corridors having length of 288 kms are as follows:

  • Kalol – Kadi – 20 kms
  • Kadi – Katosan Road – 18 kms
  • Katosan Road – Viramgam – 38 kms
  • Ahmedabad Jn. – Sanand – 29 kms
  • Sanand – Viramgam – 36 kms
  • Kalol – Mehsana – 42 kms
  • Naroda – Prantij – 57 Kms
  • Barejadi – Mehmedabad – 12 kms
  • Mehmedabad – Anand - 36 kms

Current Status

  • A discussion with Ministry of Railways for the formation of SPV is under process.