Gujarat has a track record of successful private sector participation in infrastructure development. However, GIDB's first and the foremost accomplishment has been chalking out of clear cut and comprehensive policies supported by a legal framework. The Board's focus has been on integrating and augmenting various components of infrastructure to improve the quality of life in the state.

  • The State Government of Gujarat through GIDB has prepared a Sustainable Development Vision Document for the State of Gujarat - Transforming Gujarat: The 2030 Vision for Sustainable Development. The Sustainable Development Vision Document includes the existing Targets/ Schemes of the State Government for each department which the State wants to achieve and are under implementation and the new Targets/ Schemes which the State Government would like to implement to achieve its objective towards the 2030 Gujarat Vision for Sustainable Development.
  • GIDB conducts Techno-Economic feasibility studies. It prepares the Terms of References, bid documents and funding of the studies. It frames, evaluates and monitor Concession Agreements across sectors.
  • GIDB is conducting capacity building exercise in PPP for various StateGovt. departments /agencies. This includes sessions on both Basic and Advanced courses for a period of 3 days.
  • GIDB in collaboration with G-RIDE (a State JV of GOG & MOR) is also in the process of preparing the Railway master plan for assessing the future logistics needs which can be met through Railway network in Gujarat and for providing support to the State for effective implementation. It also envisages to fulfill the supply- demand gap in the existing as well as futuristic Railway infrastructure.
  • GIDB is in the process of preparing an integrated Logistic Plan for EXIM and Domestic Cargo for all sectors like agriculture, health, urban, industrial, etc and all modes including air, waterways (port and inland), road and rail transport for the Gujarat State. We are all aware about the development in Gujarat about the upcoming western DFC and DMIC corridor, High speed rail from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, Multi Modal Logistics parks along the DFC corridor, development of Ports, RO-RO Ferry service, Coastal Highway and Special Investment Regions, Tourism destinations ,industrial parks in the state. An integrated logistics policy is a prime need for boosting state’s logistic efficiencies.
  • GIDB is a nodal agency for preparing VGF proposals for forwarding them to the DEA and also for availing the State VGF assistance. It is also identified agency of state govt. for IIPDF funding proposals.
  • Island development in Gujarat: Government of Gujarat has formed an Island Development Authority under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister of the State wherein CEO GIDB is the Convener. The objective is to address the National security issues as well as promote economic activities in the islands in Gujarat in an environmentally sustainable manner. Initially Pirotan, Bet Dwarka and Shiyalbet islands shall be taken up for further detailed study and explore the potential for development.

Success Story: Infrastructure in Gujarat