Project under the PPP framework

There are several projects being undertaken by the department on a PPP basis. These have been outlined below. Most of these are ongoing projects.

Project Project Specification Promoter Project Rationale Linkages reqd. if any Investment Rs Crs. Benefits Kindly give us the details of PPP structure of project (BOT/ Annuity/direct negotiation etc.)
Performance Management of CHC   Shamlaji Hospital located in tribal area of Sabarkantha district of Gujarat is managed by All India Movement for Seva All India Movement for Seva and Dept. of Health Govt. with limited resources had difficulties in running the hospital. The objectives of providing quality healthcare to the poor were not being met with. To enable the poor access quality healthcare services the government partnered with an NGO under a Performance Management framework to provide affordable and often free services to the poor and needy Linkages with super-specialty services will be desirable   Reaching out to the poorest of the poor and the traditionally backward tribal region.  
Partnership with CBOs for operation of CHCs and PHCs 5 CHCs and 1 PHC being run by community based organizations Various CBOs and Dept. of health Govt. has been facing difficulties in running the CHCs and PHCs due to limited availability of resources (manpower, funds, equipments etc.). The operation is managed by the CBOs and the government provides earmarked funds to the CBOs.     Better service availability to the populace  
Regional Resource Centre Centre for Health, Education, Training and Nutrition Awareness (CHETNA) has been actively supporting a total of 21   mother NGO’s working effectively to implement Reproductive and Child Program (RCH) CHETNA and Dept. of health Strengthen the capacities of MNGOs/Service NGOs (SNGOs)/ GO functionaries through technical support to build linkages with State Government for effective implementation of the RCH programme        
Tele-medicine project Sarva Swastha Abhiyan has opened 10 centres in the five predominantly tribal areas- Idar, Prantij, Bardoli, Hansot and Mundra that will be connected through telemedicine to the super speciality hospitals at  Ahmedabad, Nadiad, Vadodara and Surat  Sarva Swasth Abhiyan and Dept. of health Promotion of better healthcare in rural areas by creation of supporting network of low cost with high quality tertiary care.     Outreach to inaccessible areas. Super speciality services made available to the poorest of the poor through use of modern-day technology  
Govt. hospital management by private sector partners Wockhardt Hospitals Group (WHG), along with the Government of Gujarat  will conduct and manage the 275-bed Palanpur Civil General Hospital Wockhardt hospitals Corporate Social Responsibility   2    
Emergency ambulance services (108) Hyderabad-based Emergency Medical Research Institute (EMRI) with the Gujarat government will take care of road and fire accident victims on a 24-hour basis through the year by just dialing 108 EMRI, Provision of emergency medial services for road and fire accidents through a centralized ambulance system. 40% deaths instantaneous in case of accident. 30% deaths occur within hours of accident. Prevention of death possible if treatment provided within in an hour   30    
Setting up of educational facility Development and improvement, of education, research, and policy formulation in the field of Public Health through the establishment of an Indian Institute of Public Health (IIPH), Gandhinagar Public health foundation of India