Infocity Project

It is just 25 kms from the city of Ahmedabad. Government of Gujarat has proposed an Info-city project at Gandhinagar. It is on Gandhinagar - Ahmedabad highway. It is just 20 km. away from the Ahmedabad International Airport. It is just 25 kms from the city of Ahmedabad.

The project is proposed to be developed on around 150 Acres of land. The project is being implemented through Private Sector Participation. 

The Infocity will provide a ready to use build-up space and ready to use plots with excellent support system. Not only that, the Infocity would also provide social infrastructure, utilities and other amenities. Following is a list of proposed facilities at the INFOCITY:

  • Infotower, Build up space. Residential Township
  • Plots for companies to set up their facilities.
  • Commercial area.
  • Hotel
  • Club house & other entertainment facilities
  • Roads
  • Connectivity - International as well as Domestic.
  • Utilities like Water, Power etc.
M/s Creative Choice of USA has been selected as a developer for this project through International Competitive bidding. The implementation work is under progress.

For details on this project please visit :

  • Gujarat State Wide Area Network(GSWAN)

Government of Gujarat (GoG) proposes to set up a Gujarat State-wide Wide Area Network (GSWAN) to modernize the communication set up of Government to improve the Administrative effectiveness and efficiency, to improve the Quality of public service being provided to the citizen and to expedite the overall development of the state through improvement in Intra-Government and Government-Citizen interfaces. The state of Gujarat has one of the largest costal area and disasters like cyclone/flood and earth quake are frequently striking in the state. State Government has planned and augmenting a state-of-the-art state wide area network (GSWAN) to cater to the administrations internal and external communication service needs related to voice, video and data.

GSWAN planned to work in a star topology centered at Secretariat, Gandhinagar with arms extending to all districts, having further horizontal (district HQ level) and vertical downward extensions integrating multiple district level other offices and Talukas respectively with the state wide area network. Adequate dialup facilities were provisioned at all districts HQ nodes for enabling GSWAN access to the offices and units not physically integrated with the GSWAN.

GSWAN was planned to be implemented in two phases with phase-I to cover district level network and Phase-II to cover total network. M/s United Telecom Ltd. has been selected as developer for this project through International Competitive Bidding. The project has already been implemented. Please click here for further details of the project : GSWAN