Port list of clearances

Clearance GOI and its agencies Agency which would issue clearance When required
1)Registrar of Companies Registrar of Companies Company formation stage
2) Clearance following consideration of Environmental impact Assessment (EIA) and Environment Management plan(EMP) in respect of the project pursuant to section 3(1) and 3(2) (iv)of the Environment (protection) act, 1986 and Rule 5 (3) (a) of the Environment (protection) Rules,1986. Ministry of Environmental & Forests Before project implementation
3) Physical Chief /Mathematical modeling of the LNG terminal Marine structures Central Water & Power research station Before project implementation
4) Clearance of Detailed Design of LNG berth. Controller of Explosives Before project implementation
5) Clearance of Detailed Design of LNG berth. Ministry of surface Transport Before project implementation
6) Clearance to the scheme pursuant to the sec-29 of the Electricity (supply) Act ,1948 Central Electricity Authority(CEA) Project Implementation
7) Clearance for the Fire equipment for fighting Tariff Advisory committee Project Implementation
8) Coastal Regulation Zone(CRZ) Clearance Relevant port Authority Before Project Implementation
9) Clearance in connection with the height of the chimney. National Airports Authority Project Implementation
10) Confirmation fromDGTD/CCI&E that there is automatic clearance for the import of capital Goods and Raw materials. Director General of Technical Development/ Director General of Foreign Trade Project Implementation
11) Confirmation from Department of Economic affairs , Ministry of Finance that the company is permitted to enter into Financing Agreements. Ministry of Finance Project implementation
12) Confirmation from RBI that the company is permitted to
  • Remit principal & Interest to the Lenders
  • Create security over Assets of the company in favour of Non resident lenders under Financing agreements pursuant to FERA,1973.
Consent of RBI to opening by the company of US Dollar bank accounts pursuant to Section of FERA,both inside and outside India.
Approval by RBI of provision of any gurantee by Indian entities of any Loans extended by overseas lenders to the company.
Reserve Bank of India Project implementation
GoG and its Agencies
1) Clearance that the Land comprising the project site and the Green Belt relating to the site contains no land deemed to be ,’reserved forest’ land as per Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980. Gujarat Forest Department(GFD) & Ministry of Environment and Forests(MOEF)  
2) Clearance under Section 18A of the Electricity Supply Act. Government of Gujarat  
3) For allocation of requisite amount of water to the proposed project and for abstraction of sea water Department of Irrigation GOG /Relevant Authority  
4) Permission for use of ground water. Chief conservator of Ground water Dpartment(GoG) Project Implementation
5) Confirmation for water supply of required quantity for the proposed port site. Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board( GWSSB) Pre Project Implementation
6) Approval pursuant to sec.21 of the Air(Prevention & control of Pollution)Act, 1981 in connection with emissions Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) Pre Project Implementation
7) Confirmation that Electricity will be made available during project construction period.
Clearance under section 44 of Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948.
Gujarat Electricity Board ( GEB) Construction period
8) Confirmation relating to project and green belt Collector/Directorate of Town planning,GoG Before Construction period
9) Approval of proposed design and construction of the project pursuant to section 6 of the factories act,1948. Chief Inspector of Factories , GoG Before Construction period
10) Consent relating to Fire fighting capability under the Factories Act,1948. Chief Inspector of Factories , GoG Before Project Implementation
11) License required for construction Labour pursuant to section 7 of the contract labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970 before the start of construction Labour Commissioner Before Construction period
12) Registration of workers pursuant to section 2-A of the Employees state insurance Act, 1948 , before construction or exemption to be claimed if other group insurance is taken. Labour Commissioner Construction period
13) Clearance for transportation of heavy material /machinery by ships, onroads/bridge Relevant Authority Project Implementation
14) Clearance from electrical inspector for electrical installation Chief Electrical Inspectorate of GoG Construction period