Strategy and investment estimation for realising urban sector vision 2020

As per the stated vision, every urban citizen is to be provided with the minimum levels of basic services including water supply, sewerage, storm water drains, solid waste management and roads. Hence, it is aimed to have:

  • Every urban household to have access to 100 lpcd of potable water through piped connection;
  • Every urban household in drought prone regions to have access to 70 lpcd of potable water;
  • Every urban household to have access to sanitation;
  • Every city with lakh plus population to have 100% coverage of sewerage network
  • 100% door-to-door collection and segregation of waste and 100% compliance with the SWM rules, 2000;
  • Adequate density of paved motorable roads to ensure efficient movement within the city;
  • Development of adequate public transport systems;

Firstly, achieving these goals would require translating these universal standards into specific, measurable and time based targets for individual or class of ULBs based on a detailed exercise of service level assessment and benchmarking supported by a robust monitoring and evaluation framework.