Project shelf identified in BIG 2020

Proposed Project Location Investment (in Crs)
JNNURM Projects

Bus Rapid Transit System (stretch of 46km) Ahmedabad 406
Bus Rapid Transport System - Construction of 12 Km. long stretch (Stretch-1of first phase) BRT Roadway & Carrying out detailed studies and engineering of remaining stretches Ahmedabad 88
Light rail transport system Surat 1,862
BRTS System Surat 469
Bus Rapid Transit System Phase I (Development of Blue Corridor PartI) Rajkot 110
Total Investment for JNNURM Projects (in Crs) 2,935
Metro Rail System Project Ahmedabad 36,010
High Speed Passenger Rail System Project Ahmedabad Mumbai 32,500
Total Investment for Urban Transport Projects (in Crs) 74380

Role of GIDB

To provide all these services in ever expanding cities of Gujarat through innovative project concepts and project structuring, GIDB is currently following advisory role in:

  • Policy Assistance
  • Short term traffic and transportation improvement plan studies (STTTIP)
  • Integrated public transport system (IPTS) studies
  • Bus Operations
  • Bus Rapid Transit System
  • Metro Rail System, Mass Rapid Transit System
  • Regional Rail System
  • High Speed Passenger Rail System